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Hunting for White Elk

We offer Nubian, Persian and Alpine Ibex plus Markhor, European Bison and Himalayan Tahr.  Our  Nebraska cold climate produces large and healthy Transcaspian Urials with massive white neck bibs.  Our Red Sheep are among the largest in the World.  The capes on these animals are unmatched by anything coming out of Texas.

Top 10 Transcaspian Urial taken at While Elk Ranch.

World record Yak, European Bison, Alaskan Dahl and Mountain Goat have been taken at the While Elk Ranch.

Your record book trophy is our goal


World Record Reindeer taken at White Elk Ranch.

Transcaspian Urial young available this fall:
$2,500 for females
$3,000 males.

Nubian Ibex young $2,500.

Persian Ibex young $1,500.

Bighorn and Alaskan Dall hybrids

Markhor young $3,500.

White Buffalo

White Elk Ranch

At the White Elk Ranch, we offer a variety of unusual animals not found anywhere else in North America.  We specialize in the Wild Sheep and Goats of the World.  Our ranch is the only ranch in United States offering Rocky Mt. Goats and Bighorn Sheep. 

The ranch is located in the South West corner of Nebraska.  This land is not what most people think Nebraska should look like.  The rugged canyons and rocky cliffs look more like Colorado or South Dakota than Nebraska.  


Fair Chase Concept

The greatest reservation a hunter has regarding a game ranch is the “fair chase” concept. Is it sporting to hunt game on a fenced ranch? Most of our animals have lived their entire lives on the ranch and know its boundaries. They have learned to stay away from the fence and hide in the canyons and heavy tree cover. We have animals we haven’t seen in years. The biologists say that a whitetail will die within one mile of where it is born. It is fenced by that very nature. No one would doubt, however, that the hunt for a whitetail is fair chase.



The most photographed animals on the White Elk Ranch are our rare White Buffalos.

Live animals for sale include:White Buffalo, Bighorn Sheep, Red Sheep, Armenian Mouflon, Transcaspian Urials,  Ibex and Markhor

One of our many Nubian Ibex.

Armenia Mouflon, new World Record


Red Sheep, new World Record
We have the largest Red Sheep in the world.